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Daily Walks on the Prairie

Winter might be over but in South Dakota mother nature has her own mind. Spring one day and a blizzard the next. We are so excited for our groups that will start coming in May. Our first team will be building our new multipurpose building at the Glory Ranch and having children's activities at the Life Center.

We are having good attendance on our online services Sunday mornings and Wednesday nights on facebook . We will be going live on uTube soon. Church attendance is growing and people are getting excited. Our youth and children's ministry are going to have a great summer with lots of activities. Our youth are going to be attending the Native American Fellowship Youth Conference in July and the children will be having fun at our Block Parties and VBS.

We will be getting into the garden soon. Our church kids come out and plant what they like. Last year they planted cantalope. We plant a variety of vegetables. We have been asking our groups that come in the summer to surprise us with a tree.


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